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Themes of Psalms (14010)

Themes of Psalms (14010)

SKU: 14010
  • Twenty of the themes that run across the Book of Psalms are presented in this book, whose author has already published a commentary on all the psalms. Taking the psalms one by one has, of course, been the hallowed way of commenting them. But it may be worth the effort to follow up some themes that reoccur in various psalms, with ever new nuances. The principal theme of the psalms is the praise due to God, the author of a Covenant with man. Another major theme is sorrow felt on one's sins, or his failures to respond to God's plan. Still another, to speak of the principal themes, is hope in the coming of a Messiah or Deliverer. Then there is the love of God, the contempt for idols, trust in God, and last but not least the puzzlement, indeed agony, felt over the apparent tragedies of life, individual and national. Reflection on this and other themes may greatly help in turning the use of psalms into ever new songs, as the psalms time and again want this to be.
        Another book of the author related to Psalms is: Praying the Psalms.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 1-892548-45-3  •  v + 93 pages  •  softcover

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