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The Relevance of Physics (11022)

The Relevance of Physics (11022)

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  • This book aims, in its author's words, to restore "that feature of the image of physics which bespeaks the highly revisable character of its statements, the never-ending course of its search, and the basic incompetency of many of its conclusions in other important areas of human reflection". Jaki argues that, contrary to past and present claims, physics has not solved the riddle of living organisms, nor has it dispensed with metaphysics, nor it has a solution of its own to the grave ethical problems raised by some of its inventions. In pondering the frailties of their forebears, physicist of our time (and all scientists who stand in profound debt to physics) may better equip themselves for their increasingly prominent role in shaping our culture.

        Comments on the first edition:
        "Jaki forged a powerful book"
     —Atomic Scientist
        "The appearance of this book is an event of no small importance and, as may be hoped, of no small consequences for the future. It is one of the rare cases in scientific literature where a competent scientist tries to delimit clearly and thoroughly the boundaries within which his own science (physics) is valid. ... Jaki thinks that a good knowledge of the history of science with all its failures and mistaken convictions would be a lesson and of great help. It may be so, I suggest another recipe: to make Jaki's book ... compulsory reading for all scientists, students, and professors."
     — W. Heitler in American Scientist

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 0-7073-0711-2  •  xii + 604 pages  •  softcover 

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