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The Litany of Saint Joseph (14004)

The Litany of Saint Joseph (14004)

SKU: 14004
  •  In its form approved by the Holy See for universal use in the Church, the Litany of Saint Joseph is not yet a hundred years old. Nor it is much older the monumental surge of devotion felt by the faithful toward the Spouse of Mary. None other than John Henry Newman registered this, and with great enthusiasm, as a major religious event of his own day. Apart from a brief introduction on the history of the Litany itself, this book is a set of reflections on all the twenty-four invocations that form that Litany. May those reflections help increase the fervor of love for one who next to Mary had the immense privilege to live at the closest range with God's Incarnate Son for whom he showed the love and care of the best father on earth.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 1-892548-25-1  •  x + 117 pages  •  softcover

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