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The Ethical Foundations of Bioethics (11013)

The Ethical Foundations of Bioethics (11013)

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  • This book offers eleven essays on various aspects of bioethics, a most hotly contended subject of our times. Like in any other subject, here too it is the focusing on the foundations that controls all discourse and arguments. This is why the book begins with the question about the true origin of man and with the purpose of assuring his health. Attention is then drawn to life's twofold defense, natural and supernatural. Chapters 4-7 deal with bioethics proper, with its need for consistency, with its truly ethical foundations, with its essence as tied to the essence of the human being, and with its future as being the soul's future. In the next three chapters a view is taken, in turn, of the metamorphoses of human dignity, of the parasitical aspects of modern society, and of the, unfortunately, vain hopes that a dire need for proper bioethics would be widely embraced and implemented. The last chapter calls attention to Mary's role in the Incarnation as the very factor which in true believers in Christ forms, though often unbeknownst to them, the reason of their visceral opposition to abortion. Time and again is the passage in the Book of Sirach recalled that as long as man is willing to battle for truth, the God of truth will battle for him.

    The Spanish translation of this book can be found in the Various page.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-1-892539-00-7   •  viii + 136 pages    •  softcover  

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