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Resurrection? (13011)

Resurrection? (13011)

SKU: 13011
  • Christian faith rests on the resurrection of Christ. He rose from the dead in a body, which, though real in the ordinary sense, also had most stupendous characteristics. Concerning the details of this most extraordinary of all events, the four Gospels are our sole source of information. They constitute a source which should recommend itself also by its sober factual style. Critics, who have questioned that source, only keep contradicting one another, whereas the story of the Resurrection keeps making its unique impact throughout history. Christian posterity has, from the start, insisted on the reality of Jesus' risen body and also on the importance of the reality of the Church as a witness to Jesus' resurrection. Needless to say, the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the body of believers has always been most resented by the world, and for a variety of reasons, of which most pernicious is the cult of the body. Such are the three points discussed in this book, which deals with the question of questions: Resurrection?

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 1-892548-39-9  •  viii + 78 pages  •  softcover

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