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Ours A Dearest Father: Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer (14008)

Ours A Dearest Father: Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer (14008)

SKU: 14008
  • Countless are the commentaries on the Lord's Prayer. Undoubtedly many more will follow. Only time can unfold the richness of a prayer spelled out by the Son of God. He wanted man to muster courage, and indeed feel it his duty, to talk confidently to God as his dearest Father. Nothing is, of course, sentimental in the Our Father. The sequence of its petitions begins on a note that may seem pleasant compared with the fearsome petition that we may be delivered from the Evil One, that is, from Satan himself. Yet for man, who sinned and keeps sinning, nothing should seem more challenging than to confront a Father who is absolute holiness. The Lord's Prayer should be reflected upon with a firm resolve to avoid being trapped in fashionable moods and notions. Its petitions are not of man make. No man would have, for instance, thought of asking God's forgiveness in the measure in which he himself forgives others.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-1-892539-03-8  •  x + 81 pages  •  softcover

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