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Myths and Facts about Newman (15016)

Myths and Facts about Newman (15016)

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  • Stanley Jaki wrote vigorously both about Newman’s own conversion and also about the hundreds of letters he wrote, all with infinite patience, to enquirers who wrote to him about the Faith. The essays in this book are examples of this particular apostolate. The separate chapters range widely over several important areas. Father Jaki begins by sorting out the true facts of Newman’s thought as against the prevailing myths. He then refutes a recent biography alleging Newman to be a devious character. He emphasises the way that Newman always looks at a question first and foremost from a supernatural perspective, here in the context of a university education. He untangles the authentic Catholic approach to ecumenism from false versions that have been frequently argued for in recent times. He brings out by an examination of Newman’s letters the objective approach he took to the important question of the development of doctrine, which led to his conversion. He examines Newman’s search for the Church, emphasising those crucial days in October 1845 and setting it all in the context of the heroic letters he sent to friends and relatives when waiting for Blessed Dominic Barberi to arrive at Littlemore. Finally, he discusses the problems inherent in Anglicanism. Five of the seven chapters of this collection of essays have been published before in various journals. Two of them appear here for the first time. Set together they all provide a most stimulating and powerful exegesis of Newman’s thought.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-1-892539-22-9  •  x + 96 pages 

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