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Mary's Magnificat (14001)

Mary's Magnificat (14001)

SKU: 14001
  • Mary's Magnificat is the most widely and enduringly repeated song in history. The Church recites it each and every day in its Office of Hours. It is the song of those who firmly believe that Mary's son is also the Son of the Eternal Father, who came to save man from eternal death. This is why the Magnificat is a song of supreme rejoicing, though a most serious song at the same time. This twofold nature of the Magnificat sets the tone of these reflections on each of its verses. The reflections are preceded by an Introduction which deals with the Magnificat's background and origin as sung by Mary. It is her Magnificat and not of Elizabeth, let alone the work of a "committee" as some "learned" exegetes would have it. It should therefore be recited with the faith that animated Mary personally.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-0-9790577-7-9  •  46 pages  •  softcover  

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