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Impassable Divide (11009)

Impassable Divide (11009)

SKU: 11009
  •  Given the popularity of books on the relation of science and religion, a close look on the subject may be in order. Much of that literature provides no clear idea either about science or about religion under discussion. It is argued in this book that the vagueness on the subject is due to leaving both science and religion intentionally undefined. The way out of this confusion is sought in a strict definition of science which is based on its exact form, physics, in which quantities form the touchstone of truth. Such a definition of science puts it on one side of an impassable divide on the other side of which lies a religion whose sole business is to assure an eternally valid purpose for human existence, a strictly qualitative proposition. Since conceptually there is no passage from quantities to qualities, the relation of science and religion cannot be that of an integration or of an opposition. While the human mind can grasp both domains, it cannot reduce one to the other. It must, however, use to the full its ability to hover, so to speak, over the two domains. The Introduction gives a general idea of the historical confusions and complexities of that relation as well as of the only sound approach, which as such eschews expectations of popularity.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-1-892539-02-1  •  vii + 108 pages  •  softcover 

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