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God and the Cosmologists (16002)

God and the Cosmologists (16002)

SKU: 16002
  • When first published in 1989, this book was introduced on this cover with a reference to flippant claims made by scientific cosmologists: One famous cosmologist claims that our universe may be a laboratory product from another universe. According to another the universe just happened by sheer chance. Still another argues that God himself could not have produced a different universe. Not surprisingly, the same cosmologist boasts of his atheism and gladly suffers being written up as the master of the universe. This new edition is enlarged with a Postscript, in which the reader finds that even more extravagant claims have become the rule among scientific cosmologists during the past decade. The eternity of the universe is taken by some for a scientifically demonstrated truth as if eternity could obtain that seal of scientific truth which is to measure it. More and more cosmologists prefer the term multiverse to universe, while cosmology increasingly gives the impression that it is but the most encompassing form of continually patching up things, a cosmetology on cosmic scale. Most of those with religious convictions and expertise in cosmology express little concern if any. How did we get to this science-coated intellectual and spiritual malaise? In addressing himself to this and related questions, the author, an internationally known historian of cosmology and the winner of the Templeton Prize for 1987, also unfolds some crucially positive contributions of 20th century scientific cosmology to the cosmological proof of the existence of God.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 0-9641150-0-X  •  xii + 286 pages  •  softcover

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