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Giordano Bruno: A Martyr of Science? (12018)

Giordano Bruno: A Martyr of Science? (12018)

SKU: 12018
  • The fourth centenary of Bruno's having been burnt at the stake on February 17, 1600 was the occasion for a number of conferences and, of course, for a flood of newspaper and magazine articles. Bruno was almost invariably celebrated as a martyr of science and of a reason unfettered by religious dogmas. The anniversary was a choice opportunity for those who thrive on flaying the Catholic Church while turning a blind eye on Bruno's true mental physiognomy. Contrary to the widely entertained clichié, Bruno was not burnt to death for his cosmological views. These were minuscule items in the vast list of heretical statements that could easily be culled from Bruno's writings. In promoting his cosmological views Bruno gave ample evidence of his total commitment to Hermetic magic and pseudomysticism. The purpose of this booklet is to set the record straight.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 1-892548-C8-9  •  32 pages  •  softcover

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