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Fifty Years of Learning (12013)

Fifty Years of Learning (12013)

SKU: 12013
  • This booklet contains the address given at the fiftieth anniversary of Woodside Priory School, Portola Valley, Califomia, March 21, 2007, the Feast of Saint Benedict. The author of this address was one of seven Benedictine Fathers who started Woodside Priory School in 1957. Owing to the upheavals of World War II, they settled in the United States and ultimateIy gathered here to start a preparatory school for boys. They came from the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary, which celebrated the millennium of its foundation in 1996, with Pope John Paul II being present. The Priory School was at first a small venture but as the years went by it has grown steadily. Fifty years have not failed to teach a great many things here and elsewhere. In this booklet one of the "founding fathers" discusses the lessons he leamed during that time and shares them in the conviction that education is best judged by the lessons it teaches.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-0-9790577-5-5  •  16 pages  •  softcover

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