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Converts to Rome (15012)

Converts to Rome (15012)

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  • To be a Christian is to be a convert. The word "convert" applies equally to cradle-born Catholics and to those who become Catholics as adults. The Catholic Church is the divinely established framework of the program of a conversion, which Christ presented as a thorough change of mind and heart (metanoia). While for a cradle-born Catholic the implementation of that program is usually a gradual process, for converts it contains a momentous act as they vote, so to speak, with their feet, on behalf of Truth, by joining the Church as the One True Fold, the Sole Ark of Salvation, to recall hallowed phrases dear to John Henry Newman, easily the greatest convert during the nineteenth century. The three quotations on the inside back cover come from three eminent English converts. What they state contains more theological truth than scores of volumes of the "new" ecclesiology which contains no calls for conversions. The list of notable converts as given in this book is far from complete. The Introduction explains the norms of selection and contains an appeal for further information about such who should have been included here.

    By John Beaumont  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 0-9774826-2-6  •  vi + 79 pages  •  softcover

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