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Brain, Mind and Computers (11018)

Brain, Mind and Computers (11018)

SKU: 11018
  • In an age when computers are making ever greater inroads into our everyday lives, well may we ask: Do computers have intelligence? Are they living? Have free will? Exercise moral judgment? Stanley L. Jaki, historian and philosopher of science, deals with these and related questions in Brain, Mind and Computers, a thoroughly documented rebuttal of contemporary claims about the existence of, or possibility for, man-made minds. His method includes a meticulously documented survey of computer development, a review of the relevant results of brain research, an evaluation of the accomplishments of physicalist schools in psychology, symbolic logic, and linguistics, and a thorough critique of claims about artificial intelligence. Dr. Jaki has written widely in the area of the history of science and on the intimate connection between scientific creativity and natural theology. For this book he received the Lecomte du Nouy Prize for 1970.

        Comments on the first edition:
        “Dr. Jaki’s book is the most informed, penetrating, and lucidly written treatment of the subject that I have read anywhere.”
     —Robert A. Nisbet, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University
        “Certainly, it is rewarding and refreshing to read such penetrating criticism of a field in which gratuitous theorizing and dogmatism are able to flourish because our scientific understanding is so small.”
     —Sir John C. Eccles, Nobel Laureate, 1963
        “This is a book fascinating in style as well as in content. ...which every scientist should read.”
     —Eugene P. Wigner, Nobel Laureate, 1963
        “Dr. Jaki presents a sustained, well informed and persuasive argument for mind-body dualism. ... My own predilections are exacdy opposite to Dr. Jaki’s conclusion, but I welcome his challenge.”
     —Herbert Feigl, University of Minnesota

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-1-892539-26-7  •  vi + 363 pages  •  softcover 

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