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Archipelago Church (13001)

Archipelago Church (13001)

SKU: 13001
  • The Catholic Church has been rapidly changing for now four decades. The changes may appear as a flood, if one considers what has happened in Europe, a continent that a century ago could appear to be a Catholic continent. Catholicism suffered greatly on other continents as well. They all seem to be awash in a flood of secularism and immorality. This dismal picture is balanced by the emergence of ever new islands of sound faith and spirituality. They are often centered on the Secular Institutes and especially on their core members, dedicated to the three evangelical counsels. There have been in addition an unusually large number of beatifications and canonizations during the pontificate of John Paul II. The men and women so honored serve as the solid foundations of ever new isles of intense spiritual life, the chief sign of the perennial vitality of the Church as if it were an Archipelago in the midst of sinister waves.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 978-0-9790577-0-0  •  viii + 77 pages  •  softcover

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