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Advent and Science (13017)

Advent and Science (13017)

SKU: 13017
  • In the Liturgical Year Advent is a season with a special charm that has a profound grip on the faithful. The reason of that charm is far deeper than a matter of sentiments about either the past or the future. During Advent the faithful are called to reflection, which is an act of the present that conjures up the past as well as the future. But these three - the present, the past, and the future - have a profound significance also for science. In this book the author probes into the relation of science and religion by portraying their respective messages about those three parameters of time, this most mysterious predicament of human existence, individual and social.

    By Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

    ISBN 1-892548-13-5   •   vii + 89 pages   •   softcover 

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