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1987 Templeton Prize (12023)

1987 Templeton Prize (12023)

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  •  The Addresses at the fifteenth presentation of The Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, at Guildhall, London, Tuesday, 12th May, 1987.
        From the Introduction: Professor Stanley Jaki has offered the world in a series of highly original and learned works a reinterpretation of the history of science, which throws a flood of light on the relation of science and culture, and not least the relation of science and faith. He has revealed himself a complete master of the vast field (and literature) of astrophysics, and has grappled in a hitherto unparallelled way with the question of contingence in the Universe, as it develops from relativity theory and our exploration of the outermost bounds of the universe. This vast and profound understanding of contingence, which he is in the process of expounding in several major works on astrophysics, provides the context for a remarkable argumento for theism, in which in the context of the most rigorous modern science, we have a rehabilitation of the arguments for God, but this carries with it a grounding of a profound metaphysics at the same time, within and on the ground of pure science, and in sharp antithesis to the trends current in linguistic analysis and nominalist and positivist theories of science. Professor Jaki is also a deep theologian, whose Christian beliefs, far from being corroded by these researches in the nature and inquiries of science, are considerably strengthened.
        It is above all for his immense contribution to bridging the gap between science and religion, and his making room in the midst of the most advanced modern science for deep and genuine faith, that he received the Templeton Prize. A most devout and godly man, deeply committed to the Christian priesthood, he brings to his science the richness of his faith and to his faith the detailed thought of his science.

    By Thomas F. Torrance, A.J.P. Kenny, Fr. Stanley L. Jaki, Donald English

    ISBN [n/a]  •  20 pages  •  softcover 

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